'Teatox' With Fresh Lemongrass Herbal Tea

by Madeleine Teo July 06, 2017

'Teatox' With Fresh Lemongrass Herbal Tea

I am totally in love with everything lemongrass! Just the name of it spells HEALTHY!

Lemongrass has been used in India for centuries from curries to massage oils to herbal tea to Ayurveda healing practices and many more.  The pleasant citrus aroma of lemongrass just seems to perk you up and calm nerves all at the same time. On a chilly day, nothing is more soothing and relaxing to sip from a cup of steaming hot lemongrass tea and curl up with a good book. When served cold, it turns into a delightfully refreshing beverage.

Lemongrass herbal tea doesn't just make you feel good. There are so many benefits of drinking herbal teas. They are an infusion of leaves, seeds, roots or bark, extracted in hot water. A ‘Teatox’ refers to the addition of a few cups of herbal teas to compliment a healthy diet and is definitely a better way to detox rather than going on a complete liquid diet. And if you are brewing this yourself instead of drinking it out of a tea bag, it is completely free from caffeine and tannins.

Bangalore-based nutritionist Dr. Anju Sood shares some benefits of drinking lemongrass tea regularly.

1. Good for Digestion

Lemongrass has a cooling energy which helps to soothe your stomach and keeps your digestive functions in check. It contains a component called citral that helps to digest food. Therefore, it is mostly served after dinner. It has been used as an ancient remedy for all stomach problems such as bloating, constipation or indigestion.

2. Full of Antioxidants

Lemongrass tea is your detox tea. It is packed with antioxidants that help in detoxing and cleansing you from within. It helps in removal of toxins from the body by relieving fluid retention.

3. Regulates High Blood Pressure

Lemongrass is nature’s formula for taming high blood pressure. It is rich in potassium which increases the production of urine in our body, which in turn stimulates blood circulation and lowers blood pressure. By increasing blood circulation, it also helps in purifying the liver.

4. Boosts Metabolism and Burns Fat

Lemongrass tea is a great option for your weight loss diet plan as it helps in boosting your metabolism which makes digestion quicker and helps in burning more calories.

5. For Naturally Great Skin and Hair

Lemongrass is a great source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C which are essential nutrients for beautiful skin and hair. By improving the blood circulation, it clears up your skin, treats oily textures and also works on treating eruptions like acne, pimples and eczema.

6. Heals Cold and Flu

Lemongrass has antibacterial and antifungal properties that help you cope with cold, cough and flu. Plus, it is loaded with Vitamin C that strengthens your immunity.

7. Relieves menstrual pain

Lemongrass tea is considered excellent for women's health. It provides relief from hot flashes and helps in reducing menstrual pain due to its soothing effect.

Special Note: Lemongrass tea is known to lower blood sugar levels. Therefore, diabetics should consult their doctor regarding its consumption. Similarly, pregnant or breast feeding women are advised to avoid lemongrass due to the workings of certain chemical compounds.

Recipe makes 4 cups of Fresh Lemongrass Herbal Tea

5 sticks of fresh lemon grass root 
1 lemon
2 tsp honey (adjust to personal liking)
4 slices of ginger (adjust to personal liking)
4 pcs rock sugar
750ml water


1. Wash the lemongrass sticks and make sure that all the soil is removed thoroughly.  Cut stick into half and keep the root bulb portion.

2. Use the back of the knife and pound on the root bulb of the lemongrass stick until it is smashed open.  This step releases the flavour and aroma of lemongrass. Reserve for use.

3. Juice half the lemon and slice the other half

4. Add water, ginger and lemongrass in a large pot and bring to boil.

5. Let it simmer for 30 mins on low heat to effuse the aroma of lemongrass.

6. Remove from heat and let it sit for 15 mins.

7. When cooled, add rock sugar to taste. 

8. Before serving, add lemon juice and lemon slices to decorate.

Recipe Notes

  • Storage: You can bottle up the tea after it has cooled completely and let it chill in the refrigerator. Reheat to enjoy it hot or serve cold. It can last up to a month in the refrigerator so you can definitely make this ahead.

Madeleine Teo
Madeleine Teo


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