Our Story

A little something about The Waffle Brunch Club.

We are both professionals in the finance industry but what Madeleine and Wallace truly enjoy doing most are cooking and entertaining friends & family. We are self-taught cooks learning from books, cooking shows, online cooking channels, social media and mostly from cooking a lot.

Our love for cooking started 20 years ago where every Christmas we would invite friends and family over and cook an elaborate 10 course meal. As there were so many dishes to serve, there would still be food cooking in the oven at 12am.

A big advocate of "Life is Better Home Made", we believe that the dining table is where bonding takes place. Another reason why we cook so often is because we wanted our boys to have many fond memories of their childhood remembering all the wonderful food we made for them out of love and hopefully they will carry on this great family tradition.

Despite our great passion for cooking, we never took this further than a hobby because we didn't want to be tied down to the challenges of operating a food business especially the long hours and time away from family.

Nothing beats enjoying a warm hearty meal together in the comfort of one's home. That's who we are and what we have always been advocating.